The “Mosaic of bricks” is made with italian materials, Q-Bricks, fully compatible with major brands in the sector like Lego, Mega Blocks, Cobi, Xingbao, Lepin..

The high quality product allows to realize a mosaic with bright colors (no glue necessary).

The wide selection of colors makes it possible to reproduce lifelike photos.

The picture is replicated on a baseplates of 20 x 20 studs that are covered by colored bricks.

Smaller pattern is realized using 9 bases for a total of 3600 bricks and has a size of 48 x 48 cm. excluding the frame.

In the box you will find the right number of pieces to realize your creation and detailed instructions sheets in real size,

On request, the mosaic will be delivered already built and framed.

Become a mosaic maker!!